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Who We Are!

Hello Netflix Overseas visitors.  We are Isaac and Hannah current U.S. military members who are often stationed or deployed abroad.  Together we both enjoy the pleasures of watching American TV shows and movies but unfortunately as you know when you are stationed abroad or overseas websites such as Netflix and Hulu Plus don’t allow you access to their sites.  How do they know I’m overseas you might ask!  Well with any internet service provider you utilize they provide you with an Internet Protocol (IP)  Address that is specific to the Country the you are located in.  This prevents you from watching shows and movies on your favorite sites.  So here at Netflix Overseas we have the solution to solve your problem on how to watch Netflix Overseas and most often find ourselves watching netflix or Hulu Plus while we are stationed abroad.

What we offer here at Netflix Overseas!

We have built this site to share some popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) sites that offer you the ability to create a virtual tunnel and mask you IP (Internet Protocol) Address and make it appear that you are located in the USA.  This allows you to sign up and access your account with Country based content websites such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Once you connect to a VPN server that is located in the USA you appear that you are in that country and will have full access with no hassles of the error page “Sorry Netflix hasn’t come to your part of the world yet”.  So head back over to our homepage and visit some of our best previewed VPN providers.

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